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Boosting your LOTM Ranking with Zharta

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Dec 21, 2023

This post was kindly written by Waldo, who gave us permission to share it on our blog – proving, once again, that we have the best community out there.

If you are playing Othersidemeta’s Legends of the Mara, you know that the current "meta" for the rewards and leaderboard is set at a high bar.

The vast majority of players work with a small to medium budget, which makes it difficult to obtain the best rewards or reach good spots in the leaderboard.

With Kodas having a high entry price in the ecosystem, even more so if it is a version with a weapon, it's nearly impossible to obtain the best reward chest now, the Master Chest.

The health pool for the Shattered bosses had huge upgrades in the current season, demanding higher "firepower" from Voyagers to succeed. If you only have a few Maras and want to finish the boss on time, Zharta may be a good solution.

With a few clicks, you will have access to a wide collection of assets to boost your journey, without the risks associated with buying high-volatility assets. Simply define your strategy and your goals and see it done, spending infinitely less than the assets’ price.

You will have access to Kodas, Weapon Kodas, Maras, and even Otherdeeds, to fill those gaps in the fragments that you still don't have. This will become even more interesting soon when the resources present in Otherdeeds become available to harvest.

If you need a small boost in your harvest speed or to defeat a boss on time, it would be an interesting choice to rent an Enchanter Mara, for example. Need more frags per harvest? Rent a few more farmers! The amount of possibilities we have now is huge.

For the ones with many assets, it works in the same amazing way, all you need is to set your Odas for rent, and when they are not rented, they can still work for you on your deeds!

With two Kodas and a few enchanters, you can finish a T2 boss in 8 days, with the time limit for a Master Chest being 20 days. You may plan it to save money, since the faster you kill it, the less money you’ll spend.

In the presented example, by using Zharta’s Otherside Renting you would spend around 205 APE ($310) to reach your goal, while the cost of two Kodas and two enchanters would be at least $19.200,00 at current market prices. 

As a medium-budget player, I already tried a few different strategies to reach a better leaderboard placement. The amount of damage a 24-hour Koda rental dished out was impressive, boosting my overall damage and bumping me a few places higher.

The current offer/demand sets the rental prices, with more to come in the future. I highly recommend that you give it a try and test the Zharta platform, nothing but amazing so far.

We have many moving pieces all the time, and with constant meta changes, we are forced to adapt fast. In order to keep up with that, Zharta’s got you covered!

Visit Zharta’s Otherside Renting platform here.

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