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Zharta @ NFC Lisbon

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Jun 23, 2023

NFC Lisbon was a big occasion for us this year. Not only was Zharta a sponsor, but an active participant, both in the main and several side events.

It made for three hectic days, but everything went smoothly thanks to our team’s tireless efforts!

Here are some highlights from the event, both Zharta-related and otherwise. (The art was the biggest highlight, of course — we highly encourage you to look up the artists on NFC Lisbon’s official page.)

“NFT Art Finance”

Zharta’s talk, given by our CEO Nuno Cortesão, provided some context regarding traditional art finance and how NFT Art Finance is poised to revolutionize the industry.

NFT Finance doesn’t merely transform the mechanics of how the service operates. More importantly, it eliminates the gatekeeping that has, until now, ensured that only the extremely wealthy have access to these financial tools.

You can dive deeper into this subject by checking out our post “Art Financing: 5 Reasons the Wealthy Use Art-Backed Loans”.

Podcast with Gary Vee and Farokh

NFC Lisbon was the perfect time to host this special Zhartacast featuring Nuno, Gary Vee, and Rug Radio’s Farokh.

The conversation touched on the future of NFTs — not just as we know them today, but as they may grow to represent ownership of more and more assets — and NFT lending, how NFT lending might alter our relationship with illiquid assets, and more.

You can watch or listen to the podcast in its entirety here:

Punk Brunch by Punk DAO and BAPT’s Yacht Party

Events like NFC Lisbon provide excellent opportunities for learning and growth. After hours, however, you’ll find the (equally?) vital opportunities for relaxation via the side events.

Make no mistake: while geared toward fun and socialization, these parties are often the best occasions for networking and getting to know your community.

Zharta was happy to sponsor and join Punk DAO’s Punk Brunch and Bored Apes Portugal’s Yacht party, especially here in our hometown!

Zharta’s NFC Booth

No convention experience is complete without hosting a booth!

As is becoming tradition, ours had free merch and caricatures (that you could mint as NFTs, of course!)

The team loved meeting people from the community, answering their questions, listening to feedback, and just chatting.

Saying that these experiences are invaluable may sound trite, but the truth is that every time it happens, the team comes back to work gushing about how much they learned.

If you were one of the fantastic folks who talked to us, thank you so much for stopping by!

World’s First-Ever AI Art Hackathon

NFC Lisbon hosted the world’s first AI art hackathon, organized by MakersPlace.

For two days, BLΛC, DVK, DigitalCoy, and Illustrata joined forces — with each other and AI — to create art based on Sasha Stiles’s “Ars Autopoetica.”

This live performance showcased how man and machine can collaborate to create art — a process made all the more evident after Artmatr printed the works and a fifth artist, Coldie cut them up and collaged them into a final, physical piece.

It’s Called (Digital) Fashion, Look It Up

Rug Radio’s Nikita Cikaluk partnered with prominent players from the Digital Fashion scene to discuss “Traditional Fashion vs Digital Fashion” on NFC’s small but spirited fashion stage.

It’s an exciting time for Web3 fashion as big traditional brands get into the space — a fact BNV also addressed in an interview, where he explained that many brands were still reluctant due to being afraid to “set their IP loose” on the Metaverse.

It will be interesting to see how big brands will balance control and innovation going forward, and how the digital natives will leverage the expertise they acquired as pioneers.

The Future

Most Web3 talks mention “the future” of the ecosystem, and these were no exception.

Events like NFC Lisbon remind us of how strong the community is, full of builders and natives dedicated to steering us in the right direction — so that Web3 can make our future better, and so that Web3 is the future.

Here’s a thought: considering how fast Web3 has been moving, that future might be as soon as the next Non-Fungible Conference.

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