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Introducing: Zharta Token Rewards

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Feb 23, 2024

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Token Rewards and its two first chapters, Chapter 0: GTA – Genesis Token Allocation and Chapter 1: LOTM.

We created the Zharta Token to reward our users and encourage real and responsible use of our Renting and Lending protocols in a way that adds to our users’ experience. This latter point hinges on the means through which users earn tokens – and that’s where the Chapters come in.

Each chapter has its own purpose, system, and mechanics by which users may earn Tokens. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the first two.

Chapter 0

A sort of prologue, Chapter 0 has kicked off this new phase in Zharta’s history by acknowledging those whose support propelled us this far: you, our community. 

Everyone who used one of our protocols before the snapshot (taken on February 19,  2024, 00:00:00 UTC) is eligible for a Genesis Airdrop. You can find out whether you’re eligible, and how many tokens you’ve earned, here.

You’ll be able to claim your tokens – both the ones from the Genesis Airdrop and any you’ve earned since – on the day of the Token Generation Event (date to be announced).

Chapter 1

We created Otherside Renting knowing that giving Legends of the Mara players more options and flexibility had the potential to make the game exponentially more fun. Chapter 1, which will focus on Legends of the Mara, has the same goal.

Now, by renting, you stand to not only increase your LOTM performance and earn more loot but to earn our rewards on top of the in-game ones. Conversely, those renting out their assets can earn rewards for their role in helping out other players. 

The rewards in this Chapter will take the form of points, which will later lead to token airdrops. Your actions started accumulating toward Chapter 1’s points the moment Chapter 0’s snapshot was taken (whether you knew it or not!), and you’ll be able to earn more until the end of LOTM Season 3.


Our Leaderboard ranks users by how many Zharta Points they’ve earned on a rolling 24-hour basis. This daily refresh ensures that everyone gets a chance to make it to the top by not pitting newcomers against those who have already amassed a considerable amount of points.

Making it to the top 20 will earn you a Rank Boost (more about Boosts below) – and bragging rights, of course.

How to Earn Points

Users can earn points by renting assets or each time other players rent assets they’ve listed. In addition, both performing well in LOTM and making it to the top 20 of Zharta’s Leaderboard will grant users point boosts, which act as multipliers for earned points.

The amount of points you’ll earn per rental depends on its duration and asset type. Renting (or renting out) a Weapon Koda, for example, will give you more points than renting a basic one. 

As an owner, you’ll earn points every time one of your assets is rented. Merely creating listings won’t generate any points. This is meant to encourage fair and competitive listing conditions.

Please note that renting the same asset for 10 hours twice will net you the same amount of points as renting it for 20 hours – we don’t want you to go wasting gwei on gas! 


As mentioned earlier, Boosts work as point multipliers, augmenting the points you earn through renting and listing.

There are two, stackable boosts you can get: the Rank Boost and the LOTM Boost.

The Rank Boost is dependent on your placement on the Zharta Leaderboard. Every day, users ranked within the top 20 receive a boost. Those 20 spots are divided into 4 tiers, with higher tiers receiving better boosts.

The LOTM Boost is tied to your performance in the Legends of the Mara game itself – no matter if you're renting or listing, provided you play the game, you have a chance of getting a boost. Similarly to the Rank Boosts, LOTM Boosts are awarded each day to the top 20 players and are divided into 4 tiers.

We rank the top LOTM players based on our own metrics - we don’t use Yuga’s leaderboard for this purpose. We consider two main factors: damage dealt and fragments harvested. Whether you’re farming or hunting Shattered, your efforts will contribute to your LOTM performance rating.

Learn more (but most importantly, GLHF)

Our Chapter 1 rewards system is meant to add to your LOTM gaming experience, not distract you from it. If you find yourself slaying a Shattered with the help of a rented Koda and, after the thrill of opening a loot chest, getting that extra dopamine hit when you remember you just got extra perks on us as well, that means we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

If you want a more detailed look into the Zharta Token and Chapters 0 and 1 of our rewards system, you can check out our documentation here. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter if you have any questions. See you on the Otherside!

Note: Please read our Terms and Conditions here before participating in our rewards program.

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